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Jussy, Marketing and Communications

Hi everyone, I’m Jussy and joined Unicopia’s team focusing on Marketing.  What makes this part of my journey in life amazing, is I actually didn’t think I was employable.  I had pretty much written myself off as having disability, low self worth & forced into early retirement.  Of course, I didn’t make those feeling known at my job interview! That was how I felt before joining Unicopia, and life couldn’t be further from that old reality.

So a bit about me, I have always been a very high achiever.  Pushing my career goals upwards to never ending new heights, gathering lots of qualifications along the way.  That was me in my 20s to early 40s, but a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, actually changed all of that clarity of direction and purpose for me.  If a person could be turned inside out and upside down, that was how I felt.  I lost me, for a very long time.  Within managing the diagnosis and keeping my head above water as a mum & trying to continue a career, I really felt like I was fighting a losing battle.  My life really was consumed with me being seen, and me feeling like, I was just a person with MS.  Jussy had disappeared.

Then the most significant turn of events, a change of circumstances in NDIS terms, changed my world again, overnight.  My eyesight was gone.  In reality it happened slowly over a period of months, maybe even years.  But the brain is a wonder of science and makes compensations to keep us humans functioning.  With losing my vision, I was diagnosed legally blind after about 8 months, and now have contract when my eyes are good, but that fades and disappears as I get fatigued, overheated or stressed. 

I like to tell people that when I went blind, due to lesions on my frontal lobe, for the first time in 7 years, I had a vision for the future.  It is true.  I needed that wake up call to start living life to the fullest and stop feeling sorry for myself, or letting myself be wrapped up in cotton wool.  I decided life was too short to not laugh every day.  Life was too short to not pursue those dreams I have had and to stop worrying about what could go wrong.

“In 2020 I was lucky enough to give bay
to MS Queensland for all of the help they had
given me during my most recent relapse.
Visit my MS story for details.
MS Queensland : Justine’s Story (msqld.org.au)

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Fast forward 3 years and here I am working for Unicopia in an organisation I feel very passionate about.   Apart from all of my career experiences in my working life, what I bring to this role mostly is that first hand experience as a NDIS participant, first hand experience of applying to NDIS & navigating scheduled and unscheduled reviews, justifying my needs and developing meaningful goals allowing me to live the life I wish to live, how I with to live it.  I also bring to this role a life long experience and knowledge from having a very close family member with disability.  With this I have had an entire lifetime of allied health, assistive technology and accessibility adjustments, just as part of my day to day living..

In my position with Unicopia, I welcome any one with disability or a relative with disability to connect with Unicopia, and if I can be of assistance in that introduction, simply get in touch with my by email or call in to say hello.